This is a one-day plan that allows you to try Skeemo for one day. For those who want to try Skeemo for the time being, this plan is recommended! This plan is recommended for those who want to try out skiimo for the time being. A petit touring will also be held. Let's enjoy skiing together!


As the name implies, the participants will learn the basics of SKIMO and experience the fun. Winter sports require physical strength, of course, but skill is also very important. This plan is designed to improve the skills at the foot of the mountains during the harsh winter months of January and February, when it is difficult to get into the mountains.


The skills acquired in BASIC will take you to the heavenly paradise known as Ayame Plain! It is not an advanced backcountry skiing course, but you can enjoy the spectacular view. This plan is for people who can ski slopes to some extent, so we recommend that you try this plan after improving your skills in BASIC.